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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see some of the questions we get asked frequently. If you have any questions please don't hesitate and send us an email to

How does the price list work?

The daily training rate price list includes all expenses occurring in a particular training program. All transports are included to and from the dive site and the store. All breathing gases except helium, based on full tanks every diving day. For Rebreather divers a fresh Co2 absorbent fill is included for every diving day. Entrance fees for cenotes and the teaching fee are included as well.

The reason we did not include the work book and manual is that we have a lot of student’s owning the books prior to arrival here in order to pre-read the material. We can send you the material to your location prior to course start. The reason we did not include the c-card into the daily rate is that all courses are performance based and certification must be earned. Boat rental and helium based breathing gases are charged as needed on training programs.

Is the daily rate the final price?

The daily rate can vary as the courses are based on the environment the course is usually taught in. For example boat diving for the technical diving program. If we experience bad weather we switch to alternative diving sites such as cenotes and the boat does not have to be rented and does not apply. Helium based breathing mixtures are blended, used and charged as needed. C-cards are earned and not bought so we charge for them when the training is successfully completed.

How do I book my dives or training?

Once you decided you want to book some diving or training with us we need a deposit via paypal from you in order to confirm your booking with us. Only when we have received a deposit and confirmed to you that we have you on our schedule we will guarantee your training time. We use paypal for consumer protection. Your protection. We do not take credit card information over the phone or via email.

How can I pay for my dives or training?

If you are from the U.S. you can pay your deposit by wire transfer or pay pal. Students from the rest of the world can pay their deposit by wire transfer or pay pal. Once you are in the ProTec Dive Center and want to pay the balance you can pay with either credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express), USD cash or paypal.

What if I need extra training day’s?

Extra training days may be needed to complete the training and are not included, and may be added in order to complete the training. Each extra training day has the same cost as the regular training day and is just multiplied by the day’s actually needed. We strongly recommend to bring one or two day’s extra prior departure to either go fun diving or use them for extra training needed. The price list gives information about the minimum training days required for each particular training program.

What about the diving equipment?

We encourage divers and students to own their own equipment in order to participate in diving or training programs. For those divers with lost luggage upon arrival, divers who need to travel light or divers who not yet own their full line of dive gear we do have a selection of rental gear available. For our students who like to purchase diving equipment we have a full line of technical, wreck and cave diving equipment available in our retail section. You will need to bring your own 5mm wet suit, hood, booties, fins and dive computer as a minimum.

What about Co2 absorbent for Rebreather divers?

The daily rate price list is based on the fact that we change Co2 absorbent prior to manufacturer recommended absorbent duration for each particular Rebreather to allow plenty of dive time during each diving day including ample reserves in Co2 absorbent time. We believe it is prudent save Rebreather diving technique and safety procedure to do so.

What is expected from me as student?

From our students we expect to be on time, awake and with a good attitude toward the training they are going to receive. We discourage smoking altogether and particular prior to diving. We understand that you are on vacation but if you arrive on our premises smelling of alcohol you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and the diving day is over for you. We would like to ask our students and divers to be gentle with our dive gear and vehicles. We hope to maintain our rental dive gear well in order to give it to the next student or diver. All our vehicles are private vehicles. Please be gentle, they are not rental.

How about safety?

We do our best to provide a conductive and positive diving as well as positive and conductive training environment including a strong feeling and need for safety. Our dive planning always includes voluntary safety features that are implemented throughout all levels of diving and training. In all our diving vehicles, trucks or boats, we always have emergency oxygen and a medic first aid kit with us. If we decide to go diving it is the result of proper planning. You feel it is safe to dive and we feel it is safe to dive. If any doubt about the safety of the dive is apparent the dive is called and aborted, prior to dive or during the dive.