ccr rebreather cave diver

CCR Rebreather Cave Diving

CCR Rebreather cave diving is the art of diving into the overhead environment, into water filled caves, to glide weightless through large rooms or small passages, marveling at natures beauty. There are a number of rules and techniques that need to be followed and implemented in order to successfully Rebreather cave dive, meaning coming out of the cave having a good time instead a stressful experience. CCR Rebreather Cave diving is the cave diving combined with CCR Rebreather diving.

CCR Rebreather Cave diving

In order to learn cave diving properly a training program has to be completed either in stages or in whole, with considerable amount of time to be invested learning and repeating new diving skills and procedures. Your commitment and resolve will be tested here through intense training days filled with awesome diving experiences.

CCR and cave diving do have serious consequences if one is to violate the rules and procedures for one or another, or both. Failure to do so might prove fatal. The CCR Cave Diver course is one of the most intense training programs there is with large potential for frustration. We have plublished a number of good articles related to CCR Cave diving on our Blog. Please have a look.

If you wish to learn cave diving using your CCR Rebreather you must have operation as well as the buoyancy control of your unit down as to second nature in order to concentrate to the learning on how to cave dive. Training agency standards require you to have a minimum of 30 hours on your Rebreather before participating in a CCR Cave Diver course.

CCR Intro to Cave diver

The CCR Rebreather intro to cave diver training program is the first stage of CCR cave diver training. During the intro cave training program you learn how to safely penetrate the dark zone of the cave. All CCR critical drills have to be completed inside the cave as well as all the cave diving critical survival skills have to be learned and practice inside the cave. The Intro Cave CCR Cave Diver training program takes a minimum of 6 days to complete.

CCR Cave diver

The CCR cave diver training program can be taken in one go as a combined intro to cave and CCR cave training program. If taken combined the CCR cave diver training program takes a minimum of 9 days to complete. If you are already a CCR intro to cave diver and would like to upgrade to the CCR cave diver level then your training will take a minimum of 5 days to complete. It is in the CCR cave diver level where you polish your skills as a cave diver and engage in very complex cave dives.

We teach CCR cave diving on a number of current CCR Rebreathers on the market including the rEvo, Megalodon APEKS and COPIS, O2ptima, Evolution and Inspiration, Classic KISS, Sentinel, JJ, Hollis, Poseidon MK 6 and Pelagian CCR Rebreathers to name just a few.

Are you ready for cave diving

Ready for cave diving includes, but is not limited to the following considerations that set it apart from open water diving activities. No amount of open water diving experience is preparing a diver for the overhead.

The CCR Cave Diver training program takes a minimum of eight training days. Are you ready? Check yourself. Hover horizontal at 10 feet - 3 meters without moving and do the backward kick. If you can do it you are ready.

If you have any questions or would like to book your CCR cave diver course please send us an email.