stage - multi stage cave diving

Stage - Multi Stage Cave Diving

Stage - Multi Stage Cave diving allows the cave diver to penetrate the underwater cave further with the use of extra tanks. Stage and multi stage cave diving can be done in either Sidemount or backmount configuration.

Stage Cave Diver

This advanced level cave specialty course is perfect for trained full cave divers who are interested to venture further into the cave environment than your standard set of double tanks or Sidemount tanks allow you. In addition to greater penetration in terms of distance you have to swim you will also learn about gas volume management, how to choose and use different gas mixtures while diving in caves that may require the use of different gases and may result in decompression as dive times will extend with the use of extra tanks and gas volume. The Stage cave course is prerequisite for the DPV cave diving training programs. The Stage cave course takes a minimum of three days.

Multi Stage Cave Diver 

The Multi Stage cave diver training program comes after the Stage cave course when one stage tank might be not enough to get where you want to go. The Stage cave course is prerequisite to enter into the Multi Stage cave diver training program. In the Multi Stage cave training program you learn how to use multiple stage to extend your cave penetration capability and have to deal with very long swims, exposure to the water temperature and potential decompression. The Multi Stage cave diver training program is prerequisite for the Advanced Cave DPV training program where yo use multiple DPV's. The The Multi Stage Cave Course takes a minimum of 3 days to do.

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