advanced sidemount cave diving

Advanced Cave Sidemount Diving

After completion of your full cave course in Sidemount or being a full cave diver in double tanks and then completing the basic cave Sidemount training program you are ready for advanced cave Sidemount diving.

During your full cave course in Sidemount or your basic cave Sidemount training you have been cave diving in larger cave passages. Some cave divers may wish to expand their knowledge and experience into advanced cave Sidemount diving or have a need to access and navigate through small cave passages. Advacned cave sidemount diving is where the cave diving is taking place in small or very small cave passages.

The advanced cave Sidemount course is nothing for the claustrophobic as cave passages getting real small real quick with a number of restrictions to be navigated. Small cave passages and restrictions translate most of the time into limited or zero visibility exits. It is not unkommon to push one tank ahead of you in order to minimize your profile and make you fit through the restriction. We have written a number of good articles on our Blog that relate to advanced cave Sidemount diving. Please have a look.

advanced cave sidemount diving

The advanced cave Sidemount training program takes three days to complete and has the prerequisite of either having completed your basic cave Sidemount course or having completed your full cave course in Sidemount configuration.

We teach the advanced cave Sidemount training program in any Sidemount gear there is on the market but would like to invite you to try our STEALTH Sidemount gear free of charge during your advanced cave Sidemount diver training.