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Openwater Sidemount Diving

Openwater Sidemount - The liberation of Sidemount diving in terms of feeling free of tanks combined with the independent tank redundancy, larger gas volume, logistically easier to handle than double tanks and the availability of single tanks worldwide have brought the world of Sidemount diving into the openwater. The openwater Sidemount course takes a minimum of three days to complete.

Openwater Sidemount diving can be done with one tank or two and gives great redundancy in terms of independent breathing gas supplies. Sidemount diving is suitable for solo diving. A word of caution about solo diving is that you can have good gear redundancy but if you make a major mistake or need hel you are going to be alone.

Sidemount diving Mexico

We do support any type and make of Sidemount gear you may use for Openwater Sidemount diving, no problem. We use the STEALTH Sidemount gear as it was developed by ProTec Playa owner and Sidemount Instructor Patrick Widmann and welcome to use it through your training with us free of charge.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or need assistance.